New website in progress

My computer and me have a very complex relationship. It appears that at 2.00 in the morning it refuses to let me work. Keeps crashing when I am uploading images to my website... Or maybe it's blogger that doesn't me to have a website...
Anyway, this is just a reason to post the address of my new website, under construction still, but shaping up slowly...
The previous one,, is not in use anymore. If I have one suggestion to do to anyone making a website, don't use Online as your host. They are baaaaad people.
I am using Cargo collective for that. Thanks to Mico Toledo who generously helped me to figure out how CSS was working. You can find his work here by the way.
Feed back on my new website are more than welcomed and needed!


  1. very nice, very very nice.
    I enjoy your illustrations.

  2. I checked out some of your works and they're colorful, humorous, and unique! You'll soon fix that relationship with your computer. It doesn't hate you. Trust me. LOL!

    Darcy Grubaugh


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